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10 Best Gal Gadot Movies


10 Best Gal Gadot Movies

The Wonder Woman Gal Gadot has won millions of hearts because of her charming personality and beautiful face. People know Gal Gadot because of Wonder Woman but she has worked in many other amazing movies.

When it comes to Gal Gadot movies the list is not too long because she has worked in few films as a lead actress. Most of Gal Gadot movies have done tremendous business at box office. Some Gal Gadot movies have done average business.

Gal Gadot has played many small roles in some movies and her acting skills were terrific. She used to do her stunts by herself in the early days of her acting career. Gal Gadot rose to fame in no time after the release of Wonder Woman.

10 Best Gal Gadot Movies

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is female superhero film based on the DC Comics character named the Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is story of Amazon princess Diana who joins an American pilot to save the world with her incredible powers. (1)

Justice League

Justice League is story of super heroes who team up to protect world from evil forces. They use their supernatural powers to defeat the powerful and dangerous enemy. It is one of the best Gal Gadot movies. (2)

Keeping Up with Joneses

Keeping Up with Joneses is an action comedy film. It is story of a couple who face a lot challenges after the arrival of new neighbors. Their neighbors look so perfect but in reality they are spies. The movie is filled with comedy and action.

Fast and Furious 6

Fast and Furious 6 is action film and sixth addition to Fast and Furious franchise. Gal Gadot played the role of Gisele Yashar in it. It is story of extremely skilled car racing gang who face incredibly dangerous cop Hobbs. (3)

Triple 9

Triple 9 is a crime thriller. It is story of armed thieves who try to rob a bank and make a gateway at Atlanta freeway. Gal Gadot is playing Elena Viaslov in this movie. It is a modern day thriller movie. Kate Winslet is also in this movie.

Kicking Out Shoshana

Kicking Out Shoshana is Israeli comedy-sports movie. It is story of a soccer player Ami, who is forced to pose as homosexual because he flirts with a criminal’s girl friend. He is mocked by his soccer team but gay community considers him hero.

 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It is an American super hero film. It is story of big clash between two super heroes. Dc comic characters Batman and Superhero fight with each other for the sake of pride. No one is ready to end thier existence from the earth. (4)

Fast Five

Fast five is American action film. Gal Gadot is playing the role of Gisele Yashar in it. It is story of street racers who try to play big games to change their fate and face Brazilian drug lord and dangerous federal agent.


Criminal is American and British action crime thriller directed by Ariel Vromen. Gal Gadot is playing the role of Jill Pope in this movie. It is story of CIA agent who uses the brain of a dead CIA in order to complete a mission.

Date Night

Date Night is a comedy crime and romance movie. Gal Gadot is playing the role of Natanya in it. It is story of a bored married couple who try to set up a romantic evening to add some spice in their boring life but things get serious and risky on that evening.

These are all the best Gal Gatod movies for now. Gal Gadot is currently working with many big productions houses and it is expected that she will appear in many amazing movies in lead roles. Gal Gadot upcoming movies are Wonder Woman 2 and Justice League 2.

Enjoy these Gal Gadot movies and let us know about your favorite movie from Gal Gadot movies. Gal Gadot complete name is Gal Gadot Varsano. She is from Israel and former Miss Israel. Wonder Woman is one of the highest grossing Gal Gadot Movies.