10 Best Marvel Series on Netflix

There are only 6 Marvel series available on Netflix. The streaming service is making more original Marvel series. You can easily watch some cool Marvel series on Netflix. It is a fact that marvel series on Netflix are very few but Netflix and Marvel are making more amazing original Marvel series to facilitate their audience.

If you are looking for best marvel series on Netflix, you don’t need to search for it anymore. ListicleFeed has some best marvel series for you that you can watch and Netflix and chill. Some Marvel series on Netflix have won the hearts of people and Jessica Jones is one of them.

Movies based on comic book characters always attract movie lovers. Marvel movie fans love to watch action-packed movies. The best Marvel series on Netflix are less in numbers but they are not hard to find. Let’s take a look at 10 best Marvel series on Netflix.

10 Best Marvel Series on Netflix

The Defenders

The Defenders is one of the best Marvel series on Netflix. It is story of daredevil team that includes Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. The team fights against criminals in the New York City. The Defenders is packed with action and drama. (1)

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is the best Marvel web series on Netflix. It is story of Jessica, a former superhero who tries to live the life of private investigator and faces many challenges in the New York City. Jessica Jones is very popular on Netflix. (2)


It is story of a blind lawyer with superhuman powers who fights with criminals and uses his incredible super natural powers to promote justice in the New York City. It is an awesome Marvel web series that every Marvel fan should watch. (3)

Luke Cage

Luke Cage is story of a man who becomes victim of dangerous experiment that gives him super powers and unbreakable skin. He uses his power to make progress in his life and fights a deadly battle to protect his city. (4)

The Punisher

The Punisher is story of a man who takes revenge from his enemies who kill his wife and child. Soon he begins to known by the name of The Punisher. He finds criminals in the city and beats them. The Punisher also plays vital role in improving justice in society. (5)

Iron Fist

This is one of the best Marvel series on Netflix. Iron Fist is story of a man that has iron fist. He also has incredible martial art skills and super human powers. He uses his power to protect the legacy of his family. (6)

Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones second season is based on Marvel comic character with the name of Jessica Jones. In the season 2 Jessica starts to work on new case and faces Kilgrave. The season 2 is packed with action and thrill. (7)

Daredevil season 2

In Daredevil season 2 the blind lawyer fights with criminals in the night. In his journey he meets with her ex-girlfriend and teams up with The Punisher to eradicate crimes in the world. The season 2 is packed with action and suspense. (8)

Iron Fist Season 2

Iron Fist Season 2 will be released in 2019. Netflix confirmed that Iron Fist next season will be aired in 2019. Iron fist is not as popular as Jessica Jones but people still love the character of a man with iron fist. In the season 2 the man with Iran Fist will face a lot of dangerous challenges. (9)

The Punisher season 2

The Punisher is also set to release in 2019. The Punisher will face many dangerous enemies in order to protect people from crimes and injustice. The Punisher fans may have to wait till mid 2019 to watch that Marvel series on Netflix because the official release date is not confirmed yet. (10)

If you are a big marvel movie fan, you cannot afford to miss these best Marvel series on Netflix. It is expected that Marvel will produce some cool web series for Netflix audience in future. Enjoy these Marvel series on Netflix and let us know about your favorite marvel show on Netflix.