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10 Best Movies Based On True Stories


10 Best Movies Based On True Stories

Movies based on true stories always get positive response from people because they give positive message to people. Love stories encourage people to love each other. It is always pleasant to see movies based on true stories.

True love stories help to inspire new couples and also ideal for saving some couples from breakups. If you want to see non-fiction romantic movies with your partner, choose the right movies because it can make your partner love you more.

We are all sick of reality and sometimes it is boring to see movies based on real life but real life love stories are always fun to watch. There are numerous movies based on real life love stories but we have selected the best movies based on real love stories for you and for your partner. You can enjoy these movies to improve your relationship goals.

Movies Based On True Stories           

Becoming Jane

Becoming Jane is a biographical film about the life of Jane Austen. The film portraits many life events of Jane Austen but it also briefly showcases her love affair with Tom Lefroy who is an Irishman, which later becomes her inspiration to write incredible novel Pride and Prejudice. It is a great film filled with beautiful scenes.

A Beautiful Mind

It is a story of an excellent economist and mathematician who becomes victim of schizophrenia. Her beautiful wife helps him to combat with this disease and boosts his confidence. The movie has many touchy scenes. It teaches us to love each other unconditionally.

50 First Dates

50 Fist Dates is American comedy film based on real life story. It is a story of Henry Roth who is afraid of committed relationships but soon his opinion changes when she meets a beautiful Lucy. But the problem is that Lucy has short-term memory and forgets everything that happened to him previously. Henry has to struggle everyday to impress her.

Eat Party Love

Eat Party Love is the American biographical romantic comedy-drama film. In this movie a married women with beautiful home, husband and job becomes unsatisfied with her life. She is unhappy with her marriage and takes divorce to courageously follow her own path. She is discovering herself and also figuring out what’s important to her.


Moths is a nice short film. The film portraits the story of a school girl, Alya and a soldier named Pavel. They both fall in love with each other in the neck of time and decide to live together. Pavel gets injured due to serous dose of radiation but leaves the hospital to see his girl friend. They just want to spend time with each other and don’t care about the danger that can even take their life.

The White Masai

It is a beautiful story of a girl named Carola who goes to vacation in Kenya and falls in love with Masai warrior. She leaves her previous boyfriend to live with Masai. She gets inspired by the culture of Masai and also faces some problems related to her modern clothing.

In The Realm of Senses

It is a passionate story that tells us how love can get out of control. It is a story of a Japanese woman, whose affair with her master turns into a sexual obsession. That obsession forces her to strangle her lover because she doesn’t want to share her lover with anyone.

The Vow

It is a beautiful and sweet film based on real life love story. It is story of Paige who loses her memory in a car accidents and her husband struggles to get her memory back. He works hard to win her heart again because he is madly in love with her. This movie is filled with lovely emotional scenes.

Winter Cherry

Winter Cherry is romantic comedy film directed by Igor Maslennikov. It is a story of young and intelligent married woman who has a young son. She falls in love with another married man. It is a good love story that displays the modern lifestyle.

Walk The Line

This movie is American biographical drama directed by James Mangold. It is a story based on the life of country music legend Johnny Cash. Movie displays the life events of Johnny Cash including his attempts to win the heart of June Carter.