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10 Best Movies with Twist Endings


10 Best Movies with Twist Endings

There are thousands of movies with predictable plots and endings. Sometimes movies are so predictable that you even don’t want to watch them till the end. It is always fun to watch movies with twist endings because movies without twist endings sound boring for some people. It is always good to see a movie which has all the flavors such as romance, action, mystery and comedy.

But these types of movies are not as entertaining as the movies with specific genre. Just imagine you go to see a romantic movie and know what’s going to happen before intermission, it sucks isn’t it? It is boring to see a movie without twist endings.

Ending of some films are extremely difficult to guess. It doesn’t matter if you are a good movie watcher or cinema genius; you cannot guess the ending till the end because some movies are extremely deceiving and hard to judge.

10 Best Movies with Twist Endings


It is remarkable thriller film with unpredictable ending. You can come with many ideas to guess the ending of this movie but it is hard to make the correct guess. The movie is filled with mystery and terror. It describes the atmosphere of motel in the storm.

It is a story of 10 travelers who are seeking a place to stay in the heavy storm and reach to a sketchy motel. Soon they begin to realize that a serial killer is living with them and quietly killing them one by one. The movie is filled with extremely terrifying rainy night scenes.

The Box

This movie develops a lot of confusing questions in mind which are hard to answer. This movie can create a lot of fog in your mind and you can get lost in the movie in no time. It is a story of weird parcel with mysterious owner.

The mysterious owner is not clearly defined in the movie. By watching “The Box” you may wonder who is the owner of the box? Who press the button of the box? The owner maybe a passenger of God or an alien but it is confusing dilemma till the end.

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is movie filled with disappointment, sadness, brutally and dark truth. If you are a super emotional person you may don’t want to watch this movie but it gives a very good message in the ending.

You cannot guess the ending of this movie easily. The movie is made in tight budget which proves that good films can be made with low budget.

Source Code

Source code is unique film with unpredictable ending. The movie is filled with psychological swings and unique imagination. The movie captures the different Universes and numerous past memories but also presents the importance of future.

You can predict and invent many theories about the ending of this movie but it is hard to guess the right ending. It is a creative movie packed with amusement and valuable lesson.

Twelve Monkeys

Although the name of this movie is funny but it is not a funny movie. It is based on time travel. Twelve Monkeys is confusing movie. In the movie it is hard to point out the difference between sanity and insanity. The movie is little complicated but it has multiple interesting scenes.

It is directed by Terry Gilliam and has mainstream star cast.

Old Boy

Old boy is South Korean movie directed by Park Chan-wook. The movie describes that we should take our decision carefully because one wrong decision can destroy our life. Life is difficult and filled with puzzles that are hard to escape.

It is a story of an obnoxious drinker who has to face serious consequences. It is hard to predict the ending of this movie.

The Ghost Writer

The film is filled with multiple illusions to confuse your mind. It is a story of a successful ghost writer who is hired to write the memoirs of British Prime Minster but reveals his dark secrets. He faces a lot of problems because of his transparent behavior.

It is a good movie to watch but you cannot guess the twist ending till the end. The movie has the ability to keep the interest alive in the audience.

Black Swan

Black Swan is fantastic thriller based on the story of two beautiful dancers who want to perform as black swan. The rivalry between two dancers turns into a twisted and dangerous friendship. The atmosphere of the movie is extremely artistic and pleasing.

The movie is filled with amusing sound tracks and dancing moves but the ending is dark. You cannot predict the ending of this movie till the end.

Now You See Me

It is a movie based on talented magicians who amaze people with their smart tricks. They robe the banks and deceive people with their smartness. This movie is filled with clever and amusing scenes that can blow your mind.

You cannot guess the ending of this movie easily because the film has multiple swings. It is a great movie for people who want to learn some smart tricks and believed in the power of magic.

Gone Girl

It is an entertaining movie. This movie is filled with mystery, tension and irony. It is a story of famous couple who displays their perfect marriage in front of people but in reality their marriage is not perfect. In the movie wife goes missing on fifth wedding anniversary and his husband becomes prime suspect in her disappearance.

It is an amusing movie with lots of turns and unexpected twists. You cannot predict the ending of this movie till the end. The movie is fun to watch and packed with little funny but revengeful scenes.