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Top 10 Spy Series on Netflix


Top 10 Spy Series on Netflix

There are some cool spy series available on Netflix right now. If you are looking for best spy series on Netflix this is the right place for you. We have new list of best spy series that is available on Netflix right now. Spy series are fun to watch because these types of series and shows make you smart and test your intelligence.

When it comes to best spy series on Netflix the options are not limited. The streaming service has very good collection of movies and series filled with suspense and mystery. Mysterious series that includes the detectives, serial killers, cops and intelligent criminals are always become reason of amusement and joy, especially when you are bored.

Spy movies are famous from ages because of charismatic stories of detectives, mysterious places and mysterious killers. Spy series make you intelligent because it forces you to solve the puzzle. Spy series also have the ability to play with your curiosity because spy shows grab your attention in no time.

Take a look at the best spy series on Netflix that you don’t want to miss

Top 10 Spy Series on Netflix

London Spy

London Spy is a British-American five-part drama television serial. It is created and written by Tom Rob Smith. The serial was aired on BBC. It is a story of a young man, who tries to find the truth behind the death of her lover, who was an intelligent spy. The young man Danny faces extremely dangerous situations in order to discover the truth behind the sudden death of his spy lover.

The Looming Tower

The Looming Tower is American drama spy miniseries. It is based on the book named The Looming Tower written by Lawrence Wright . The series was officially released on Hulu but now it is available on Netflix. The Looming Tower is story of a serious rivalry between CIA and FBI that becomes the major cause of 9/11 tragedy and the war in Afghanistan.


Condor is 2018 American television series. It is story of a small CIA employee, who comes to his office after lunch and finds out that someone has killed all the people that work in his office. He is simple and low-class CIA employee but he determines to reveal the truth behind the mystery of those brutal killings. He puts his life on the line to find the dangerous killer.

Deutchland 83

It is one of the best spy series on Netflix that you will love to enjoy. It is a German television series. It stars Jonas Nay, who is playing the role of 24-year old native of East Germany. It is story of young German soldier, who is selected to perform the job of undercover spy in West Germany. He faces some extreme situation during performing his duties as an undercover spy.


Guerrilla is a British drama miniseries based on the situations of early 1970s in London. The series showcases the backdrop of the Immigration Act 1971 in London. It is one of the best political series on Netflix. It is story of a couple, who is in the group of activists that demand to free a respected political figure from prison. The film is packed with thrill.

The Night Manager

The Night Manager is a British television serial. The Night Manager is an incredible crime Drama, packed with suspense and horror. It is directed by Susanne Bier. It stars Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman and David Harewood. It is story of a night manager, who works in hotel. He is assigned to catch a dangerous weapon dealer.

Killing Eve

Killing Eve is a British-drama television series. It is produced by Sid Gentle Films for BBC America. It is story of lady spy named Eve, who is bored and working as MI5 security officer. But her life takes a turn when she has to find a skilled lady killer named Villanelle. The clever game of cat and mouse stars between a talented spy and intelligent killer. It is an incredible spy thriller, packed with suspense.

The Americans

The Americans is an American period drama television series. It is created by Joe Weisberg for the FX television network. The series describes the critical situations of early 1980s Cold War. It is story of two KGB spies, who are married to each other and pose as casual American couple but in reality they are Russian agents therefore, their kids face a lot trouble.

Spies of Warsaw

Spies of Warsaw is an emotional and entertaining series that describes the struggle of two lovers during the World War 2. It is story of Jean-Francois Mercier, who falls in love with a Parisian lawyer. The World War 2 has reached in Europe and a rich war hero Jean tries hard to save her lover. The film is packed with suspense and emotional scenes.

Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan is an American web television series. It is created by Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland. Jack Ryan is story of a CIA analyst called Jake Ryan, who is assigned to uncover activities of terrorists. He finds out important information about terrorist s that puts him in danger. This spy series is packed with suspense and terror.


These are the 10 best spy series on Netflix and other streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime. You can find out some good British Spy series too on Vulture. Ranker also has good list of spy shows but our list is fresh and in detail compare to these sources. If you want to watch new spy series on Netflix than out list is enough.

But if you also want to see some old spy shows than you can check them out too. It is not difficult to find out best spy series on Netflix. You can get all kinds of information related to Netflix movies and shows on ListicleFeed.

Best spy series on Netflix are few in Numbers but they are all great and fun to watch. Enjoy these top 10 spy series on Netflix and let us know about your favorite spy series on the streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. We will love to hear from you.