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In the CBD Business, Nevada Crest Farms is Just Better


When you’re the leader in an industry you’ve created, you are set apart for a reason. That reason for Nevada Crest Farms is the “success in the details”. CEO and founder, Heather J. Wilson, is revolutionizing the CBD industry because she believes in what goes into the details is incredibly important and so her quality of production is paralleled to none. Her commitment to being the best and serving the needs of her customers is her mission.

Health and wellness are important to Heather, “I wanted to make a product that would be able to help those with pain, inflammation, and other health issues and CBD is so incredibly useful for that purpose,” she says. “I use CBD and I’m excited about my products on the market especially for women’s health needs.” With over twenty-five years of experience and a second generation natural health professional, she has an impressive background in nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and eastern medicine. Her standard of quality and dedication is high and nothing is too easy, but that is what makes her job worth it.

“I don’t want to get too big as a company, I really just want to do what I can to help my community and take care of my team,” Heather explains. At Nevada Crest Farms, they chose quality over what’s quick. Whoever said the cannabis industry was easy wasn’t doing it right. They only operate using “white glove” farming practices.” From our 100,000 square feet of CEA-controlled hydroponics and greenhouse facilities to the fertile fields of our 160-acre, white-glove farm, you’ll find our dedicated team (including our CEO) tending every 

plant, every row by hand.” Their crops are hand-cloned for high yield and high quality flowers. This hard work, and year after year it is still worth it for the value of the product, mission, and exceptional standard of the farm.

Mixing agriculture and pharmaceuticals is no easy feat, but with over thirty-five years of collective experience, the team at Nevada Crest Farms has made it possible to succeed. Operating only with single origin plants, science optimized, organically grown, and sustainably raised farming techniques, they are the only licensed hydroponic operation in Nevada.

With their own state of the art cloning facilities located in Nevada and Illinois, Nevada Crest Farms are able to produce the artisanal clones that premium consistent quality with advanced research. “When growing hemp commercially for CBD, you want to ensure consistent phytochemical composition, efficient growth and predictable yields. Clones present the perfect solution—when chosen wisely. Choose clones cut from mother plants that are proven to be feminized, disease-free, CBD-rich and THC-compliant.” No GMOs pesticides, or herbicides are ever used; everything is done by hand and naturally different from other growers. 

Heather saw the benefits of doing things differently. “As a second generation natural health professional, she understood the enormous therapeutic potential of CBD to alleviate chronic pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety as well as its potential to change the face of modern agriculture.” Many sources were inadequate to use and a lot of the benefits were lost with subpar CBD. “I wanted to do the best because I knew the possibilities and opportunities that CBD would have for our health,” Heather explains. “Since I couldn’t rely on other sources to help me achieve that, I decided to become the source. Now I have what I need to provide what I believe is the standard of CBD products.”

Heather J. Wilson and Nevada Crest Farms are revolutionizing the cannabis industry since the farm’s establishment in 2018. They are not only growing more than award-winning hemp, they are leading in an industry they have cultivated. “With proven genetics that help farmers 

achieve premium, consistent, high-yielding harvests. With seven strains and six harvests a year, enabling wholesalers to meet the increasing demand for top-shelf, high-CBD hemp and full spectrum biomass. And with rigorously-tested, small-batch CBD that finally provides discerning resellers, private label clients and top-selling brands with the source they’ve been waiting for.”

Their products include but aren’t limited to clone plants for wholesale sourcing, hemp flowers for smoking, pre-rolled joints, and vape cartridges. 

With a passion for wellness and strong conviction for what is right, Heather J. Wilson has built a company that is not afraid to get their hands dirty to be consistent, transparent, and fully authentic as a brand and as a business. Her vision is smart and simple and takes a lot of hard work, but she isn’t one to shy away from a challenge.