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How a wife and mother of 3 Kids makes money with multiple income strategies


Every household revolves around the sources of income that provide for the family, covers the bills, and makes it possible for everyone to live a stable and comfortable life. Without that income, the family is left in a dire financial situation, struggling to make ends meet for the spouses, children, and dependents. Therefore, for hundreds of years, it was all about securing a primary income for the house, which was something that was mainly managed by the husband or father.

Today, however, thanks to the internet and digital options at our fingertips, primary income that is accrued from providing a service or selling a product isn’t the only way to supplement an income anymore. In fact, a partially passive income, or the act of making money predominantly passively without expending time and resources, has become a major way some of the internet’s richest entrepreneurs are stacking up wealth and quickly.

Financial Self-Determination

One multi income strategies and wealth inspirator, Eva Abert, is showing other people, mainly women, how they can earn more income from different income streams and invest it smartly to become financially self-determined. Versed in the thousands of different ways to make more income right now in 2021, Eva asks all of her clients to mull over the “1001 different options” and pick the ones that are right for them.

“We are in a multi income renaissance of some sorts right now, with more ways than ever before to online and make some serious income once everything is secured and setup,” said Eva. “These options are so vast and mainly low-risk that there is no reason why every person in the world shouldn’t be tapping into these opportunities. The problem is merely that people are not aware these options exist, which is where I come into the picture.”

Eva’s system is based on finding a variety of opportunities to build different income streams with her clients. She first gets to know her clients and their strengths and passions, and then builds on her current resources to create a system that is right for them. She also provides them with access to her top-class network, which she has built through interviews with many hundreds of people in the German-speaking world.

Commitment to Financial Literacy

Eva is a lifelong student of financial independence and responsibility, working over-time to help women everywhere realize they do not have to be financially dependent on other people. She has studied in 7 semesters with top marks, been an online entrepreneur since 2007, and garnered titles such as the “one of the 500 most important minds in the world of success” as stated by Erfolg Magazin. With 10 successful online summits under her belt, co-author of 6 bestselling books together with colleagues, Eva is on a mission to share what she knows with as many people as possible.

“Anyone who is willing to pay the price can become rich and successful. The question is: are you ready to dive in and commit yourself 100% to a multi income stream lifestyle?” said Eva. “The opportunities are endless, and now is the time to get serious before the nascence of these industries subsides.”