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‘Mama June: Road To Redemption’: Pumpkin Reveals She’s Pregnant, Asks June For Custody Of Alana



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Image Credit: WE tv

June “Mama June” Shannon‘s Las Vegas vacation with daughters Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon and Jessica Shannon continued during the July 15 episode of Mama June: Road To Redemption, but this week’s half of the trip was much more eventful than the first. To start, the girls underwent major makeovers at a salon. They got their hair done, had makeup put on, and even tried on some fancy dresses. Then, when they were done getting all dolled up, they went to the Sugar Factory for dinner, where June offered to spend $150 on big plate of lobster macaroni and cheese.

She also tried getting the girls to drink alcohol, even though she was refraining due to her newfound sobriety. Jessica was totally on board — she ordered an alcoholic strawberry lemonade that oozed smoke from the glass when it was poured in front of her — but Pumpkin said she wasn’t in the mood to drink. June couldn’t understand why, so she and Jessica both tried peer pressuring Pumpkin into getting a drink. And when she wouldn’t budge, they jokingly asked if she’s pregnant again. They definitely didn’t expect the answer to be yes, but that’s exactly why Pumpkin wasn’t drinking. She told Jessica and June that she and Josh are expecting another baby, and June celebrated by ordering the biggest dessert on the menu. Yet what Pumpkin really wanted from June was some financial assistance since she’s already taking care of Alana and Jessica, as well as two children of her own.

So once everyone gathered back in their room, Pumpkin prepared to serve June with papers so she could get permanent custody of Alana. It’s something she and Josh had discussed previously, and Pumpkin felt like the Vegas trip was the perfect time to confront June about their plan for Alana. While June was taken aback by the request, she didn’t think it was a big deal to sign over her rights to Alana. She felt that by doing so, she’d show Alana that she’s willing to do whatever to make her happy.

But back at home, Josh was also setting the wheels in motion to get child support from June as well. With at least one more kid on the way (we now know, they end up having twins), Josh and Pumpkin have both been worrying about how they’ll afford to take care of all their kids, plus Alana and Jessica.

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