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With One28, Everyone Is on the Dance Floor 


If you’re not a party person or fond of dancing in public, you can probably relate to the movie 13 Going on 30. In it, Jennifer Garner’s boss is terrified that his party will be a dud because no one is dancing to the bland music. Garner’s character walks over to the DJ, and within a few moments, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” bursts over the speakers. It isn’t long before everyone, including the DJ, is on the floor, dancing like zombies to an iconic song and having a fabulous time. That, in a nutshell, is One28: an app that helps the DJ to play what partygoers really want to hear and to ramp up the crowd’s energy.

What it is that makes even the shyest person unglue themselves from the wall and brave the dance floor is, of course, entirely subjective. You might start swaying to Lady Gaga while someone else can’t help but dance to Dave Audé. Whatever the song might be, they all have one thing in common: each raises the heart rate of the listener to 128bpm.

“That’s basically the peak of someone’s pleasure or adrenaline,” says One28’s Co-Founder and CEO, Adrien Crastes. “We have all experienced it. Think back on all the times you have had a really bad day, but when your favorite song came on unexpectedly, you smiled and really listened to it, forgetting everything for a few minutes. The ability of the right music to wash away our anxiety and stress is universal.”

He believes that it’s the same at clubs, where it can take a while for the audience to get in the mood to dance. All it takes is for one magic song to come on, and the tables empty as everyone hits the floor much like in the Jennifer Garner movie. 

“Until now, the question has been how partygoers could tell the DJ what they wanted to hear,” Adrien says. “Let’s face it – clubs are loud, and very few people come with pen and paper to write down their requests. A better way was needed, so I created the One28 app.”

The process is simple. With the One28 DJ App, DJs first set the price for a song request. The audience then submits their requests to the DJ through the One28 User App. If a song is denied, Adrien explains that the person can either choose a different song or increase their bid. 

“And that is it!” he says. “If you have your phone, it is now very easy to let the DJ know exactly what you’re in the mood for and, ultimately, to have a great time. No more waiting in line to talk to the DJ and make a song request or trying to make yourself heard.” 

After a wild launch at the MK Club in Monaco with DJ Chris S in June, the One28 app has proven so popular that its use is spreading from club to club in France, Monaco, and Corsica.

“Word of One28 in the DJ community is traveling fast,” Adrien confirms. “It is solving two problems: how to take the guesswork out of choosing the right music and how to energize a large crowd of very different people. It is letting a night out on the town be everything it should be: memorable, enjoyable, and exciting.”

One28, co-founded by CEO Adrien Crastes and CFO Alexandre Coyette, is an app that is disrupting how DJs take song requests from partygoers. By helping people request music that takes their heart rates to 128bpm, One28 is heightening the pleasure they feel at parties and clubs and in restaurants. In 2019, One28 presented their vision at the Monaco International Clubbing Show (MICS) and then began offering its app to DJs in June 2022. It has found enthusiastic support among partygoers and DJs and is changing the music scene.

For more information, please see its website or download the One28 user app or One28 DJ app.