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Model Nicole Marie Discovers Her Power to Influence and Motivate Others To Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes


Nicole Marie, otherwise known as Niki, never dreamed she’d become a fitness influencer, but with over 110k followers, she is now an inspiration for wellness. “I had no idea so many people would like my posts,” Niki explains. “After posting a progress photo of my abs, one my husband had to convince me to post, people just started gravitating towards my page.” Niki’s husband knew how hard she’d worked to get to this place and thought she should share the moment. He was right. 

Now, knowing that so many followers look to Niki for inspiration, she has made it her mission to continue and motivate people through her content. “ I’m amazed that so many people look to me for inspiration,” Niki explains. “I have issues just like anybody else, but maybe that’s what inspires people.” Niki is modest in saying that she’s always willing to listen and offer advice based on her past experience. “I always go back to my core beliefs: age doesn’t matter, it’s never too late to make life changes, and that you deserve to live your best life.”

Something Women Should Know About Age

It may sound cliche, but her philosophies surrounding these beliefs are profound. Niki has made it her mission to promote a healthy lifestyle through clean eating and exercise. “I particularly feel for middle-aged and older women because, as I mentioned, age doesn’t matter, and it shouldn’t detour you from making drastic lifestyle changes,” Niki explains. “The second half of my life has been extremely fulfilling.” With that said, 40 is becoming the new 20. 

Niki’s lifestyle incorporates necessary changes while still being intuitive. Niki explains, “I promote clean eating, which eliminates processed foods, sugars, alcohol, simple carbs, and some complex carbs. I don’t believe in diets; this is a lifestyle change. So many diseases are preventable and reversible with clean eating and exercise.”

Niki’s Number One Recommendation

Exercise comes in many forms, and there is always something you can do at any fitness level. Everyone should do some kind of resistance training, such as lifting weights, resistance bands, or even bodyweight exercises. 

Many types of workouts incorporate resistance training, so there is something for everyone. Cardio alone isn’t enough. Resistance training helps maintain muscle mass, increases metabolism, and increases bone density, which is essential as we age, and let’s not forget resistance training helps prevent injuries.”

Niki explains that her goal is to inspire and lead people by using her own experiences. After overcoming many difficult obstacles in her life, she had every reason to give up. Niki has been open about her past battles with anorexia, alcoholism, anxiety, bad relationships, and divorce. “I faced them all and chose to take back my life,” she explains. “I committed to making health a priority, knowing that if I’m healthy and take care of my body, I can get through anything.”

She continues, “Anyone I’ve ever met who was truly committed to accomplishing a goal has always said they regret one thing – not doing it sooner. So many people only commit to a lifestyle change after a devastating event, such as a heart attack or some other illness. Wouldn’t it be better to just optimize where you’re at now rather than waiting?”

The Benefits of Changing Your Lifestyle

With anxiety becoming such a widespread problem, Niki is adamant about helping others discover the power of exercise. “Exercise is hands down the absolute best treatment for anxiety,” she emphasizes. “It’s more effective and healthier than any pill you could ever take. At 41, Niki is in the best physical shape of her life. “As a busy mom of four, I couldn’t be happier,” she says. “I feel great!”

Her advice is to start now. “There’s no reason to procrastinate,” Niki advises. “Live your best life.” Niki has been in the fitness and health field for over 10 years and is now working towards her certification. Her app, Clean Life Fitness by Nicole is set to launch soon and will be available on her website. The app will help those trying to make lifestyle changes by offering custom workouts and meal planning; the very things that changed Niki’s life. 
For more information, visit www.nikifit40.com