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Tristan Bishop Pan: With the Metaverse, Nerds Will Take Over the World


With the announcement that Facebook has changed its company’s name to Meta, the metaverse is suddenly on the minds of a lot more people. It’s clear that it’s powerful and has the potential to radically change the lives of billions of people, but what exactly is it? Where will it take our society? Tristan Bishop Pan, an expert in digital technology, offers his insights into the metaverse, which seems destined to become part of our lives on a deep level.

Tristan Bishop Pan says that he honestly believes that the metaverse is going to destroy the Internet in its current version. “The Internet 2.0 is where we are now, meaning that we have a 2-D version of the Internet. You sit at a computer or go onto a phone, and you access the world wide web. We’re all used to this, yet only thirty years ago, if you had told someone that one day they would be buying flowers or clothes online, they would have thought you were crazy,” he says. “They would have said that you need to be able to smell the flowers to see if you liked them or try on the clothes to see if they fit. So, that was a very logical response 30 years ago, but now, people buy everything online, proving that the idea of what is impossible is now completely possible.”

This is important, Tristan Bishop Pan continues, because people doubt that the metaverse can exist. “It will exist, and it’s going to be the web 3.0. The metaverse is going to completely destroy the Internet we know now.”

To understand its capabilities, Tristan Bishop Pan first explains what the metaverse is, using metaphors so that people can better understand it, depending on what generation they grew up in.

“If you grew up in the 80s and the early parts of the 90s and you watched Star Trek, the metaverse is the holodeck,” Tristan Bishop Pan states. “It’s virtual reality, but it’s not. It’s virtual reality to the next level. You’re not sitting on this oculus and trying to plug yourself into this idea. That’s virtual reality.”

The metaverse, Tristan Bishop Pan continues, is virtual reality to the next level. “It’s the holodeck or The Matrix. Or, if you’re in the younger generation and you’re watching Pokemon, it is all of those things from those cartoons where you can summon a monster, and it would actually appear. That’s the metaverse. This isn’t reality TV or cartoons anymore – this is the next iteration of the Internet.”

Tristan Bishop Pan believes that the metaverse is going to change everything, from medicine, to law, to real estate, to the very foundation of what we know as reality and not. “Think about this: with the metaverse, you won’t know who is real or not. That’s how powerful this new technology is going to be.” 

Tristan Bishop Pan allows that our society isn’t there yet. “Now obviously we’re in the beginning stages of the metaverse. We’re basically in 1992 and in the time of AOL, dial up, and 256K megabits. I get it. What we’ve got now is virtual reality. We’ve got oculus. We’ve got the video games, which is what everything is being built off of. We’ve got Fortnight, and these guys are making entire worlds where people spend their livelihoods online.”

Tristan Bishop Pan asks this question: “The metaverse might not yet be as powerful as it’s destined to become, but think about this: if you had invested in the infrastructure of the Internet in the early 90s, where would you be sitting now? You’d be smoking joints with Jeff Bezos – that’s where you’d be. This is the time to be looking at the metaverse and investing in it.”

As the technology behind the metaverse develops, Tristan Bishop Pan says that nerds will be poised to rule the world. “We’re building an entire world based on what we believe it should be. That’s the metaverse: the culmination of everything every nerd has ever dreamed of creating.”