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Netflix Actor Chase Tang From Jupiter’s Legacy Body Transformation


Netflix Actor Chase Tang From Jupiter’s Legacy Body Transformation

To some, Chase Tang looks like the picture of winning the genetic lottery. A sculpted body and a jawline that could cut through steel, it makes us average looking guys just a little bit jealous (or a lot jealous, depending on how honest we were). Looking at him for the first time, I couldn’t help but think that he must have had greek gods for parents. But after digging some more, Tang’s story delivers inspiration and amazement, and completely strips away any excuses I could muster.

You see, Tang didn’t always have the heroic figure that exists now. Before he started his fitness journey, he looked like just about everyone else. Carrying a couple extra pounds, he resembled you and me. And your buddy from college. And the guy next to you in line for coffee. Tang didn’t have any special genetics, no heavenly blessing at his birth. He was an average guy, who looked like all us other average guys. The only thing he possessed is something that all of us can have. Discipline.

Growing tired of not looking as great as he wanted, Tang just started. Working out a day at a time, he honed his routine and learned as he went. Then the days turned into weeks, which turned into months, which turned into years. Through his effort and commitment to the process, he lost the weight he was carrying, and crafted a defined, finely tuned body as a replacement. Working to change his life and create a new man, Tang naturally started with his body, knowing that a healthy body would be a catalyst for a healthier life. As the weight came off and the muscles packed on, he realized that everything about his identity was in his grasp to improve and change for the better.

Leaving his average body, Chase also left his corporate job. His newfound look helped to land him in his new job, as a model. He quickly found success, becoming an incredibly recognizable figure in Hollywood, Canada, and overseas. Tang quickly realized that this life offered so much more for him. His fitness and health journey was a critical part of his transformation, and continues to play a critical role in his career now.

It wasn’t easy for Tang—but success never is. His transformed body and career only came as a result of his diligence and hyper-focused effort. Known for working out 10-14 times a week, he is completely committed to the new life that his fitness has opened up for him. And it has continued to open more doors for him. Modeling soon led to acting, and before our eyes Tang accomplished the modern American Dream of becoming a Somebody.

Before becoming the icon that he is today, Tang was living his life like everyone else. Waking up and going to a typical job while dreaming for something better, he knew that life had more to offer. At first working on his body just for himself, he has now become an inspiration for all of us who are still dreaming for our better future. Emphasizing where he came from and offering hope and encouragement is something that is very close to his heart. Tang often remembers where he came from and how he got where he is today, and wants others to know that it is not an impossible journey. Tang just relied on his discipline and effort to get where he is now, and that is something that everyone can have.