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Model/Actress Taiba Sheheryar Spotted in Toronto


Customers at the Thai restaurant Pai were excited to see Taiba Sheyheyar pop in for some pad gra prow. The Canadian-Pakistani model and star of movies, commercials, and music videos surprised everyone when she came by the popular eatery last week to have dinner after she finished a modeling shoot. Taiba is the only Pakistani to ever break out onto the international modeling stage and leave her mark, as she did when she wowed everyone at the 2017 Mrs. Universe Pageant, where she finished as a runner-up. She is quickly emerging as one of the world’s biggest fashion icons and is sought after by many of the world’s most famous designers.

The rising fashionista was chicly dressed as always in nude leather loose fit trousers and wraparound white cotton crop top and slaying the black boots with the monochrome outfit . Her long, black hair flowed sleekly down her back, and she stopped to chat with several customers before placing her own order.

“I love Toronto,” Taiba confides. “I love the people here and the energy. I also highly respect the city’s fashion industry. While I enjoy the glamour of wearing Gucci and Prada, Mackage has a special place in my heart. There are times when I want to kick back and relax or go out into the city and be casual. Mackage is perfect for that. Their clothes are just so comfortable! I know that when I wear their designs, I can really be myself and show my laid-back personality.”

Why is she so interested in Canadian designers? “Toronto is my home, and I consider myself a true Canadian. I do love my home country, Pakistan, of course, but Canada has got my heart. I think it’s especially important to support all Canadian designers because I have seen a lot of amazing talent here.”

“I am passionate about fashion.” Taiba pauses, then laughs. “Of course! Right? But seriously, I really do love it. Fashion allows me to express so many different sides of who I am. Fashionista. Icon. I even use it to express how I feel about myself.”

What’s in Taiba’s closet at home?

“Oh, too many jeans, dresses, and shoes to count.” She laughs again. “Seriously, my closet is amazing. I might actually have every designer in there, including Armani. I really love collecting the most wonderful pieces and mixing and matching them based on my mood that day.”

What about jewelry? If we took a peek at her jewelry box, what would we see?

“Oh, I love jewelry!” Taiba leans back, a smile on her face. “I don’t think any outfit is complete without the right accessories, so it’s very important to balance your clothes with a necklace or a ring that will really tie everything together. Tiffany and Cartier, obviously, have got simply gorgeous bracelets that I often use to pull an ensemble together. It’s all about choosing the right accents for what you want to wear.”

What advice would she give to someone who is unconfident about fashion?

“What is beautiful is different for everyone. There is no right way to wear fashion. Take time to discover your personal style. What works for you won’t always work for other people, and that’s totally okay. Instead, focus on wearing what makes you feel good. Don’t be afraid to try a color that you might never have worn before. Remember to mix and match and to try that crazy new design just for the fun of it. You never know – you might actually love it!”

No matter what Taiba does in the future, one thing is sure: she will dominate the world’s fashion industry and bring her own unique style to it.