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Top 10 New HBO Series


Top 10 New HBO Series

Upcoming New HBO Series are Euphoria, Gentleman Jack, Camping and Lovecraft Country, But why to wait for them when you have some Best New HBO Series available to enjoy right now. HBO has released some best original series. Sharp Objects and Succession are one of them. When it comes to new HBO series Fahrenheit 451 and The Barry are the top HBO series.

HBO always comes with highly entertaining shows. The Deuce, The Young Pope and Big Little Lies are the best HBO shows of all time and have attracted millions of viewers for HBO. In the fight of HBO Go VS HBO Now, HBO Now always wins because it has new HBO series and movies. People always search for “new HBO series in 2018” but they get same results all the time.

Therefore, ListicleFeed decided to show you the list of best new HBO series that you can watch right now and have fun. HBO is coming with many great original series in 2019 but you don’t have to wait for 2019. Let’s jump on the best new HBO series. These new HBO series are extremely entertaining and fun to watch.

Best New HBO Series

Random Acts of Flyness

Random Acts of Flyness is one of the best late-night new HBO series. It is a masterpiece created by Writer and producer Terence Nance. This new HBO series shows the pros and cons of simple American lifestyle. Nance used a creative way to highlight dark and bright side of American culture. In Random Acts of Flyness he briefly and ironically displays the topics like, patriarchy, white supremacy and sensuality in unique way. It is not easy to discuss these types of sensitive topics but Nance took a courageous step to point out important things that have value in America but nobody care about them. Nance used elements like ancestral trauma, history, romance and death to invent a thoughtful and entertaining series that displays beauty and ugliness of American lifestyle. The series include vérité documentary, surrealist melodrama and musical performances. Artist Terence Nance uses humorous animation to give active response to current American media. Random Acts of Flyness is matchless work of art that is packed with entertainment and intellectual education. The series has 7 episodes. The most popular episodes of Random Acts of Flyness are White Angel and Rent a White Witness.

Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects is very popular show on HBO. It is based on the debut novel of the same name by talented writer Gillian Flynn, who also wrote Gone Girl. This series consists of eight episodes. Sharp Objects displays Amy Adams in a unique role. Amy Adams is playing the role of reporter Camille Preaker. Camille Preaker comes back to her little hometown for an important task. Her hometown witnesses mysterious crimes and she tries to investigate those mysterious crimes. Camille tries hard to catch the criminals behind those unsolved mysterious and dangerous crimes. In her hometown two girls disappear. She finds one girl unconscious and tries to catch the sadistic killer of that innocent girl. During her in-depth investigation she finds out very valuable clues about the killer. During her investigation journey she has to reunite with her estrange family that includes, overbearing mother Adora, stepfather Alan Crellin, and half sister Amma. Reuniting with her family makes her remember her dark childhood that includes the horrific death of her younger sister. She collects unclear and complicated pieces from her past and connects them together in order to find the criminal. Soon she gets closer to the criminal with the help of puzzling proofs. Camille works with full attention to compete with the intelligent of brutal criminal. Sharp Objects is an incredible American psychological thriller.


Succession is famous and one of the best new HBO series that you can watch on television right now. Succession tells the story of popular and dysfunctional American media family. The head of Waystar Royco is about to die soon, he has bad health and psychical condition. His days of glory are over. The international media tycoon is now in the hands of his greedy family. The Logan Roy, who owns the globally well known and established media company, is now in danger of death. He has spent his time in the limelight but now the charm of his crown is fading. His family members want to run his company according to their own rules, they don’t need him anymore. They want to make their own new rules and also want to remove Logan Roy from authoritative position. Logan’s eldest son from second marriage Kendall Roy has conflict with Logan’s other three children over disruption of power. Everyone in his family tries his best to get the big slice of cake from his company. Logan Roy is smart man. Although he is not in shape of competing with his young sons but still he has talent to tackle every situation because he used to be the best business man in the media industry. Logan builds his media empire with hard work and matchless skills. It is not easy to snatch piece of bread from eagle like Logan Roy.

Here and Now

Here and Now is new HBO series created by Alan Ball. This series has total 10 episodes. The show was released on HBO in February 2018. It is story of an incredible family called The Bayer-Boatwrights of Portland, Ore. The family consists of members that come from different backgrounds and countries. It displays unique multicultural look of the country. The amazing family has a Philosopher named Professor Greg, who lives with his wife. A former therapist-turned-school consultant Audrey is also a happy member of this family, who takes care of his three adopted children that are from Colombia, Liberia, and Vietnam. He also has 17-year old biological daughter. They family faces major domestic issues that create instability. Therefore, Greg and Audrey hire Dr. Farid Shokrani, who is Muslim psychiatrist and has demons in him. It is an interesting HBO TV show that can entertain all kinds of audience. Here and Now is filled with entertainment and amusing scenes. It is different family drama series with a lot twists. Things don’t go smoothly in this family. The outside world considers this family a weird family. This amazing new HBO series maker has won Oscar for his previous work that includes American Beauty and Six Feet Under.

Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas

Another best new HBO series Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas is very creative and thoughtful piece of art. It is a great documentary hosted by Wyatt Cenac. In 2018 HBO comes up with late-night comedy series presented by Wyatt Cenac. In the documentary talk/comedy series the talented comic writer discusses a long list of current social and cultural issues of Americans. He uses satire to make tough topics lighter and digestible. Wyatt also provides solutions that can solve major problems of American society. He uses documentary-style in the series to report important topics that matter. In this new HBO series Cenac visits suburban, downtown and some rural areas of America to highlight the basic problems of locals. Wyatt also gives them hilarious solutions to solve their problems. He also keeps in touch with studio audience and gives brief commentary on current events.  Cenac is winner of not one but three Emmy Awards. The talented writer used to work as correspondent on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. If you like documentary style TV series, Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas deserves your attention. It is funny, thoughtful and useful. It is one of the most popular HBO shows that not only entertains people but also highlights their real problems.


Barry is dark comedy series that was released on HBO in March 25, 2018. It is created by Alec Berg and Bill Hader. The hit man Mr. Barry Berkman moves to Los Angles and quickly loses himself in the charming world of LA. He is from Midwest and has big dreams. But he moves to LA to hit an actor. Barry quickly forgets his plan and falls in love with bold and bright Los Angeles. He ends up in an acting class and forgets about his target. In no time the community of good and positive people changes him and he becomes completely new man. Barry begins to like a hard working student Sally and that likeness soon turns into love. Barry decides to start a new life as an actor but his hit man’s past follows him. Fuches, who handles Barry doesn’t want him to be an actor. His criminal past makes it difficult for him to live a life of an actor in Los Angeles. Barry tries to be good person and doesn’t want to be a hit man again. Sally plays a vital role in changing Barry. It is a good HBO show packed with dark comedy. If you are fan of Dark comedy, Barry is the ideal show that you can watch on HBO Now, HBO Go and HBO television. Barry consists of 8 episodes. Each episode has unique turn and twist to entertain you. Barry is also known as the best American comedy series on HBO.

Esme & Roy

This one is for children. Esme & Roy is animated TV series that was released on HBO. It is created by Dustin Ferrer and Amy Steinberg. The series is produced by Toronto-based animation studio Nelvana with Corus Entertainment. The story of Esme & Roy revolves around two main characters, Esme and her monster friend Roy. Both play vital role in protecting all types of creatures and help their leaders, who raised them. It is a powerful story that teaches us, real happiness is in helping others and sharing is caring. Esme’s monster friend Roy is very popular monster sitter in Monsterdale, which is town of big monsters. With the company of Esme, Roy helps many young monsters and solves their problems. For children this is the best show to watch on HBO. Adults can also watch this animated series because it is extremely entertaining and full of fun. Esme and Roy make a great team together and solve a lot of issues that were bothering young monsters. The generous Esme and Roy face many ups and downs but never fail to complete any mission. Their guardians give them very challenging tasks to complete but they don’t back down and give their best to solve other’s problems. Esme and Roy are amazing animated characters that gives children positive message of kindness. It is one of the best animated TV series that was broadcast on HBO in 2018.


Euphoria is upcoming HBO series, which is about to release in 2019. It is believed that this HBO TV series will be the big hit in 2019 because it has very unique story and title. Euphoria is an incredible upcoming American drama television series. It is based on the Israeli series of the same name created by Ron Leshem, Daphna Levin, and Tmira Yardeni. The premier date of this show is not confirmed but it is expected to broadcast in 2019. Euphoria is written by Sam Levinson. It displays the story of high school students that are not mature enough to handle adult life. They suffer from drug addiction, sex, isolation and violation. Euphoria brings the teen drama in a new way. It is a good new HBO series that have the potential to entertain international audience. HBO is known for making best TV series for its audience. They always try their best to bring the best content on the table. Euphoria is an effective effort of HBO to target global audience in order to get international exposure. When it comes to best new HBO Series of 2019, Euphoria is on the top of the list. But you have to wait for it. If you are looking for best HBO series that can entertain and amuse you in no time, watch Euphoria. It will give you all you need. This HBO TV series is ideal for young adults and teens.

The Deuce

The Deuce is best HBO series of all time and also very popular in HBO viewers. It is created by George Pelecanos and David Simon. The Deuce was released in 2017.  George and David are also creators of HBO’s famous series “The Wire” and “Treme.” The Deuce is an incredible semifictional drama series. The Deuce takes us in the world of sex-trade industry that is located in the center of New York’s Times Square. It displays the early days of 1970s, when porn industry was changing rapidly. Open minded people start to accept porn as a business. The Deuce shows us the dark world of barkeepers, pimps, prostitutes, police officers and night hunters. It brings us story of smart twins Vincent and Frankie Martino, who met mobster Rudy Pipilo and briefly explain how they become big in the dark world of porn industry. The Deuce also narrates the powerful story of charming prostitute Candy, who becomes very successful in the porn business because of her intelligence. She establishes herself in the porn industry with her talent and strong wellness. The Deuce is one of the best American television drama series that takes us into the vintage world of New York. It also briefly shows the old days of porn business and evolution of porn industry. James Franco, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Margarita Levieva and Emily Meade are playing the lead roles in The Deuce.


Crashing is one the best new HBO series that was released in 2017. It is also one of the best American comedy series. If you love comedy, this HBO TV show is for you. It is packed with funny and humorous scenes. When it comes to best HBO comedy series, crashing always stands on the top. In Crashing an average New York based comic forcefully begins a new life, when his wife say good bye to him. Pete has big dreams and wants to develop tremendous comedy career but life doesn’t go as planned. His wife, Jessica, who used to be his soul mate, leaves him. Pete sees her with another man and with broken heart he leaves her. By doing that he becomes homeless in no time and refocuses on important things that matter to him. He moves to New York and joins comedy scene to prove his talent. The talented funny man gives his best to make people laugh because it helps him to survive in life. It is created by Pete Holmes. Judd Apatow is co-executive producer of Crashing. Pete Holmes shares his personal experiences in the series and tells people that stand-up comedy is not easy. It is very hard to survive as a comedian. Roast Battle, Naca and Artie are the best episodes of this comedy series.


These are the best new HBO series that you can binge watch right now. HBO comes up with very cool, unique and good TV series, and movies. Above mentioned HBO series are currently trending all over the world and HBO watcher are enjoying these shows. If you want to watch HBO series that can make your day, watch these new HBO series and let us know about your favorite HBO series.