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Top 10 Scariest Movies on Netflix


Top 10 Scariest Movies on Netflix

Everyone loves scary movies. Watching a horror movie is not a bad idea especially in the night because night time is always the right time to experience the fear. We bring you the best list of scariest movies on Netflix that you can watch to scare yourself.

Scary movies are mostly based on witches, ghosts and weird mysterious. There are ton of scary movies on Netflix but we are talking about the scariest movies that can truly terrify you. No matter how hard you try you cannot afford to watch these scariest movies without grabbing your blanket or pillow.

Hollywood has produced numerous scariest movies that successfully terrified millions of people all around the world. But we are talking about scariest movies that are fresh and overlooked. We are going to give you the 10 best scariest movies that will seriously scare you. Alright enough talking lets dive into the list.

10 Scariest Movies on Netflix


The BABADOOK is story of a widowed who has a fearful little son. Her son afraid of a monster called BABADOOK that came in their house via Children’s Book. The troubled mother combats with the monster along with her son and realizes that she has sinister presence in her house.


RAW is story of a vegan college student who eats raw meat as part of hazing ritual and soon becomes addicted to eat. The lust of meat grows in her and she experiences really bad consequences because of it. RAW is the most disturbing and scariest movie of all time.


In this horror movie a cop visits a small town to investigate a series of murders. Soon a mysterious sickness starts to spread in the town. The cop finds out that her own daughter is victim of it. He tries to solve the mystery behind the viral sickness in order to save his daughter.


THE CONJURNG is story of paranormal investigators who tries to save a family terrorized by unknown evil presence that lives in their farmhouse. The family members are extremely terrified and affected by the evil spirits. It is one of the scariest movies of all time.


THE INVITATION is story of a man named Logan Marshall-Green who invites her ex-wife and her new husband to a dinner party. During the dinner things gets awkward when he reveals that her ex-wife and her new husband have sinister attentions for guests.


The story of this film revolves around a single Iranian mother who is trapped in her apartment along with her daughter. The presence of mysterious evil hunts them in the apartment. The war in Tehran also affects them. It is an awesome horror movie to experience the real fear.


IT FOLLOWS is story of young woman who becomes the victim of supernatural power after having sex with him. The mysterious force follows her and makes her life miserable. This movie is full of suspense and horror. If you are fan of psychological horror drama this film is ideal for you.


In this film a deadly beast enters in the secluded retirement community and kills people on every night of full moon. A blind Vietnam veteran takes notice of this and tries to hunt the deadly beast. It is a great horror drama film directed by Spanish director Adrián García Bogliano.


OCULUS is American supernatural horror film based on siblings with disturbed childhood. The mysterious antique mirror draws the attention of siblings later they realize that something is wrong with the mirror. They find out that there is a supernatural force behind all of their tragedies.


In this movie South Korea becomes victim of dangerous zombie virus. A man named Gong Yoo with his daughter struggles to escape from zombies in the running train. Gong Yoo also has some other travelers with him who try hard to escape from zombie attackers.

These all scariest movies will perfectly scare you. Don’t dare to watch these movies alone, call your friends and experience the joy of fear together otherwise you will be terrified. It is always fun to watch horror movies with family.

If you have a big family and you want to scare all of them you need to make them watch these scariest movies with you. Horror films have worldwide popularity, people on Netflix love to watch movies that have great entertainment value and scary movies provide that high level of entertainment value.

Watch these horror movies on Netflix and let us know which one is your favorite.

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