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Samuel Benn: Content Creater and Actor


A very popular industry that many people are turning to and attempting to succeed in is the content creation industry, it comes with lots of fears and doubts. There is lots of competition and a successful career is never guaranteed, you have to truly be committed if you will succeed. Samuel Benn is a recent actor and addition to the content creation space. He has always had a passion for comedy and acting which is why he decided to take a chance and turn his passion into a successful career. Multiple years of practice creating comedic films has helped Samuel perfect his skills in acting and with a camera. 

Samuel’s content creation business offers multiple different options for anyone who requires personalized services such as family photoshoots, video shoots, and a photo/video shoot at a special combined price. He provides high-quality services for anyone who needs anything photographed or videographed. Samuel was not always successful with his business, it was a struggle to get started. He started this business only a brief three years ago in 2018, at that point he was doing everything he could to gain an online presence. He started out with a consistent viewership of about 1340 people. Now in 2021, after three years of struggles and countless hours trying to improve his content creation, he now has 24,000 people who are consistently viewing his content. Starting this career path was very difficult for Samuel for a number of many different reasons. One of the toughest obstacles that he had to overcome while beginning his journey was getting past his fears and doubts and simply chasing his dreams. It is very scary to enter this line of work since there is no guarantee that you will record content that people actually want to watch. He realizes that this is a major concern for everyone who is starting out, not just him. The fear that comes from this is the reason why Samuel advises any up-and-coming content creator to go for their dreams and to not worry since there will always be content to record in everyday life.

Samuel had to overcome each and every one of his fears and doubts but even after doing so he was still faced with everyday challenges and struggles. Once his career was established he would run into day-to-day issues like having a hard time sourcing the perfect people for the necessary roles and the right sets or even just major equipment malfunctions, he can’t always have the perfect day. It is a lot of work for Samuel to be the public figure that he is, but he finds nothing more enjoyable than creating content that puts a smile on people’s faces. There is still a lot of potential for Samuel to grow as a public influencer, which is what he plans on doing in order to grow his audience and keep entertaining people.