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Canada Modeling Agency: One Of Toronto’s Best Modeling Agencies


Open an issue of Harper’s Bazaar, and you will see model after model, all impossibly beautiful and dressed in the latest fashion. Behind each model, however, is an unseen partner in their success: the modeling agency. It is big business to develop a model’s talent and help them land coveted contracts with Gucci or Chanel. Leading the way in this talent development is Icon Model Management Inc., one of the most in-demand modeling agencies in Canada.

ICON has a reputation for excellence in the fashion and entertainment industries.That reputation begins with ICON’s employees, the photographers, agents, makeup artists, and other people who work hard each day to cultivate the careers of the talents they care so much about. These people are at the height of their industries and each day bring their enthusiasm and own talent to work, making ICON what it is today.

This internal talent has made ICON able to identify models from around the world, which has positioned it at the forefront of model management and talent discovery. Once identified, the model or talent begins a relationship with ICON by signing a contract. ICON works with the individual to be sure that the contract is completely understood, which creates trust between them and establishes a firm foundation for the new relationship.

Once a model or talent signs a contract, ICON plans each individual’s career for the long term. Its employees really get to know them, including their strengths and personal circumstances. This, ICON believes, is why the company has been so successful. ICON’s approach maximizes each person’s potential, their job satisfaction, and the opportunities available to them. ICON encourages them to explore their passions, which makes them better models. 

The results have been impressive. Many models have appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, and Flare. Some have worked with Gucci, Zara, and Ralph Lauren, to name a few. ICON’s talents have also appeared in music videos with Drake, Alicia Keys, and Sean Paul.

One of the reasons ICON is so in-demand is the quality of its models, who are distinguished for having more than just “the look”; they are also renowned for their drive and ambition and for being motivated professionals that thrive in the competitive modeling and entertainment industries. ICON’s clients know this and come to the agency again and again. 

ICON always stays aware of themes and trending topics in the market and works with its models to represent them. The theme can be a social cause, like spreading health awareness or being a voice against drug abuse. Such projects get to be featured in magazines, in social media, on television, at fashion walks, and in many other proliferating campaigns.

ICON is especially concerned about the welfare of children in the modeling world and goes to great lengths to shield them from the exploitation that is often found in the industry. ICON works closely with the minors it signs and guides them through their careers so that they are both protected and allowed to thrive.

When a model or talent first walks in the doors of ICON, the modeling and entertainment world can seem bewildering. There are many obstacles to avoid and doors to open, and they need a modeling agency with the experience to do both. ICON is one of the top modeling agencies in Canada because its years of experience have given them the knowledge to guide their models and talents to the top of their careers. 


The Fashion District / 477 Richmond Street W., Suite 310 / Toronto, ON M5V 3E7 /

t: 416.504.ICON (4266) /

www.iconmodels.ca / @iconmodelmanagement

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