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Social Media & Online Marketing article 2: Social Media Superstar’s Secrets to Building an Online Sales System Through Social Media


Social media has greatly changed Eric Feng’s life, and today he teaches his strategies to individuals and businesses looking to amplify their income through social media.

Attention is the currency of today’s digital age. Internet users will notice that most online content is aimed at grabbing the attention of users. The more attention a website can attract, the more profits the business/individual can potentially generate.

Struggling in the early stages of his career as a corporate trainer, Eric Feng’s mentor advised him to become a figure of influence in order to get people to start paying attention to him. This became the foundation for Eric developing a strategy to build an online sales system powered by social media, where people buy from you because they like and trust you.

According to Eric, most people who stumble upon your page or profile for the first time start out as “skeptical strangers” who have yet to establish a reason to trust you or your message. Your mission is then to convert these strangers to followers of your page, then to raving fans who believe in your cause, and eventually customers who see the value of your offerings and are willing to pay for your products/services.

Eric outlines the 3 core strategies that form his system:

  • Grow your followers by capturing their attention and introducing yourself to them. Give them a reason to return to view your content every now and then.
  • Strengthen their trust in your message and brand by publishing and sharing content, interacting with your followers, and displaying your charisma. 
  • When the time comes to sell, maximise your chances of closing the sale through excellent copywriting.

The goal of building this system is to create a source of passive income to generate revenue without the need to personally interact with your prospective clients. This gives you more freedom to pursue other interests and/or focus on other aspects of your life.