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Stop What You’re Doing! Actress Demi Mann’s Skin Care Just Dropped


Stop What You’re Doing! Actress Demi Mann’s Skin Care Just Dropped

Whether Demi Mann is on the go, on set, or relaxing at home she religiously takes care of her skin. British-Indian actress Demi is a firm believer in natural, organic, and clean skin products and wants to share her routine. Crafted with her specific skin needs in mind, she uses products for cleansing, moisturizing, and she feels a strong importance for use of eye creams and eye oils, one of which is linked below. And, one thing is for sure, always put on your SPF in the morning!

As an actress and Instagram sensation with almost 120K followers, she is very passionate about looking as fresh and healthy. “I keep my skin care routine simple and use natural organic products as much as possible. I’ve always believed that good skin care is the most important,” Demi says. “Especially because it is one of the biggest parts of the body!” 

“I always wash my face at night, I use a great natural face wash to take off my makeup that has no fragrance in it and has really good ingredients,” Demi explains. Her eye care is especially fundamental to her routine. “I have to use the best products that don’t have any harmful ingredients. I use products without any parfum or fragrance.” Demi believes in only using safe, clean, skincare. “I actually have an app that I use that tells me which products are free from chemicals of concern. It’s called EWG Healthy Living, it’s great.”

Demi’s routine is carefully done to ensure that her skin is clean before bed every night. “Don’t ever sleep in your makeup! I cleanse very well at night to take all of my makeup off, I follow that with rose water and eye cream.” For the mornings, don’t forget your SPF! Having good skin is a process and to keep her skin fresh, Demi doesn’t even wash her face in the morning. “I just splash my face with water and then moisturize. I put on SPF cream, then a daytime eye cream. I always make sure to put eye cream on day and night to always keep that area moisturized,” She informs. “I also like using eye oils, my favorite is KORA Organics Noni Radiant Eye Oil, it’s a brand by Miranda Kerr.”

As for her make-up, she tends to stay on the lighter side when she isn’t working. “I try and wear as little make up as possible since a lot of the time my job as an actress requires makeup for the camera.”

Using products for her skin are great, but Demi believes that reducing stress and eating right also play a role in looking and feeling great. “When I’m serene, relaxed, and present and I’m able to have gratitude for all that I have, that’s when it really shines through. Great skin gives me confidence,” she says smiling. “I also eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water. I’m also a big fan of drinking green organic healthy juices.”

Health and exercise are important to this starlet making her look and feel good. “I love being confident and feeling great, that is important to me being that I am an actress, athletic, and I want to look my best,” Demi says. “I love to feel like I can do anything and when my skin is good I feel good.”

Demi Mann is an actress and instagram sensation with over 115K followers. She has been in a number of films and series like Skyfall, the upcoming Emergency: LA, Frank and Ava, and many others.