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Zane Hubbard: Multimedia Man


Zane Hubbard is one of the few people who successfully transitioned from in front of the camera to behind the camera. Zane’s first taste of the entertainment industry was during high school where he participated in a number of highschool plays. Honing in on his imagination, it wasn’t long before those plays became movies. Acting and directing, two of Zane’s passions, is where the creation of Ironbeard Films was born.

Born in Walnut Creek, California, Zane Hubbard seems like he was made for entertainment. His talents ranged from participating in his school plays to directing them, there was no end to his imagination. During college, that passion only got stronger as he honed in on his abilities and started his career in entertainment. Now, Zane Hubbard has a production company under the name of Ironbeard Film as well as a successful series and things are only looking up for him at this point. While some may find it difficult to make the switch, Zane has proven that given the resources and an acute hunger for success, there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished. While other directors tend to favor methods that’s outside of their realms, Zane enjoys drawing inspiration from his life as well as the community around him. Feeling a sense of commitment to his community, he gives back whenever he can whether it’s through charity or through his work.

Inclusivity is Zane Hubbard’s goal as he strives to see more African Americans actors in work. While there has been a recent move for more people of color in mainstream media, Zane’s approach stands alone. Depicting portrayals of people of color in his community, Zane Hubbard is able to mesh his everyday life along with his imagination. Therefore, by combining the two, he essentially developed the winning formula of directing.

A call for change is what drives Zane’s passion to work in both acting and directing. His hit serious, The Chronicles of Jessica Wu, is just a sliver of what he hopes to one day accomplish. By taking the first step forward into educating the public on the topic of autism, Zane is changing the narrative that we’ve seen given so many times to those who battle with autism. Within his foundation, Autism Future, Zane uses his platform to give those who suffer from disabilities an opportunity to succeed. By engaging the public with topics like such, Zane had provided much more than a successful serious.

Another aspect of his talent comes in the form of his company, Ironbeard Films, which is another branch of Zane’s creativity. Taking the knowledge he’s learned from in front of the screen and using it behind; Zane essentially became a one-stop-shop of entertainment and that is only solidified with the work that he has done with Ironbeard Films. Under his artistic direction, Zane’s capability of seeing things through a third lens has proven a skill when it comes to running a production company. Along with major motion pictures, Zane lends the services of Ironbeard Films to those who are in need of filmography such as music videos, weddings, and other events. Cementing himself as a well rounded business man, Zane’s apparent drive and dedication to his craft has made him the man he is today.

Given Zane Hubbards’ experience in the industry, it’s no surprise that the future seems bright for him. Aspirations of becoming a household name, Zane’s well on his way there and he knows it. After years of being an active member in Hollywood, Zane credits his experience to those days on sets where he studied the communication that happened between the director and the crew. He focused on the way they spoke and listened to the dialogue that took place, taking in their mannerisms. Those days spent on set shaped him into not only into a better  actor, but a better director as well. Fueled with a passion for the arts, there doesn’t seem like there’s anything that Zane Hubbard can’t accomplish once he puts his mind to it.

It’s common to see actors make the transition from acting to directing, taking into consideration Kevin Costner and Ben Affleck to mention a few, and there is no doubt that once day, Zane Hubbard will join them in the ranks