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Colmenares Digital Changed Social Media Marketing Forever


In 2013 Joe Colmenares (also known as Jose Colmenares) started growing a couple of meme Instagram accounts named which gained about 200,000 followers in just a few months. Back then being able to get those numbers was a big deal. Let’s remember that even famous stars were struggling to pass the hundred thousand followers. Joe was able to accomplish this by working ensemble with a couple of Colombian and Venezuelan colleagues who also had funny meme accounts, so they helped each other grow. The result was the inception of a new era digital marketing agency: Colmenares Digital Corp.

He started being approached by new influencers, musicians and even business owners in order to be featured on his meme accounts. They would pay up to $100 for a quick 24 post (shoutout) on these accounts. The results were amazing, accounts who received such shout outs would grow up to 10,000 followers overnight, all legit, no giveaways, no tricks, just pure direct advertising. This was extremely powerful so Joe decided to make real a business out of it. He partnered with ten more Instagram accounts in the fitness, news and meme niche and created packages for clients to choose from. This way everybody in this network of accounts would benefit for each sale to a point where it was standard for a single One of these accounts to make $1,000 in one day.

Things only got better and better after this. A few years down the road, Instagram merged with Facebook and came up with their own ads platform. This definitely affected the business so Colmenares Digital had to reinvent itself. This turn of events caught many by surprise but Joe knew there had to be a way to profit from this. He became Facebook ads expert and started offering the combination of ads , shoutouts and content creation to all the clients of Colmenares Digital.

At this point this was still a one man operation until he was forced to escalate the business to a whole new level. By bringing in four new employees Colmenares Digital Corp became one the of fastest Instagram dedicated marketing agency in Latin America. Along with all the IG services, Colmenares Digital trained its agents to become Facebook and Google certified experts which continued to bring more and more growth to the business.

Currently in year 2021 the network of which Colmenares Digital Corp is part of has grown up to 20 million followers and keeps going up and up. Services offered include YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and now Tik Tok engagement. There is no doubt Joe knows how to make any business or influencer grow. Very few times you can actually check the background of a marketing agency and see actual results. Colmenares Digital Corp has a bright future. Learn more about Joe and his agency by visiting colmenares.us