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Don’t Know Where to Start or Scale Your Ecommerce Business? EJM Media Can Help


Have you ever wanted to just quit your day job and start an online business? Do you value your time and want more financial freedom to do what you love? Michael Elliot of EJM Media might have a solution for you. After dropping out of college twice, Michael just wanted to have a job that he liked and would provide him with financial freedom. “I didn’t want to feel burdened by my job and I wanted to have the time to do what I wanted and have the money to spoil the people I loved. Ecommerce provided me a way to do that,” he says.

“I do have to warn, this isn’t any easy feat. It takes so much dedication, an extreme amount, to succeed and you actually have to have a passion for what you’re doing otherwise you will burn out pretty quickly,” Michael explains. “I have definitely struggled with this when I first started out but I was so motivated to not go back to school or choose a career path, I figured out the ecommerce method.” Through EJM media, the starting point for ecommerce becomes much less hazy because they handle a lot of intricate important things that the businesses don’t have to. They essentially will set you up in the right direction in the world of online shopping, Amazon fulfillment, and branding.

Online shopping is thriving in a world of remote work, virtual learning, and pandemic-induced lockdowns. Amazon has gone above and beyond to continue to fulfill orders while others couldn’t in the beginnings of last year’s lockdown. Amazon FBA is attractive because Amazon handles everything from inventory to shipping and EJM Media assists in making sure success is there without having to learn the hard way. No trial and error, no loss, and through Eliott’s experience there is a foolproof blueprint to be a safety-net. This is not only for new sellers but for current sellers that want to scale their businesses. 

EJM Media is a full service Amazon FBA agency. It does everything from product choice to PPC management, product photography, supplier outreach, packaging, listing optimization and more. EJM Media also built an Amazon growth program where they mentor and build Amazon businesses from the ground up to allow people to have the highest chance of success. Along with the growth program they guarantee $5,000 in sales within the first 60 days of selling. Within a year EJM has already generated over $100K in sales for their clients.

“Just like any other business, an Amazon FBA business has a lot of moving parts, and only by understanding how these parts work together can you achieve predictable and sustainable results.” Building a 6-7 figure income takes time, choosing the right product, being educated about your business model, and most importantly: building the brand. Elliott says that out of all of the e-commerce options, Amazon is the best choice; the platform contributes to 50% total sales in the market and $280 billion of sales are generated by third party sellers (just regular sellers like Elliott and others in the business). His industry progress looks extremely lucrative, with society leaning more towards online and ecommerce business everyday. 

Taking control of your ecommerce is the first step to generating a profit, while EJM doesn’t promise overnight success, you will have a steady side hustle to nurture and scale over time. “I have been doing this long enough to see that my Amazon business and company will be able to make $100K in sales a month and partnered with over one hundred businesses in the future. It’s a really exciting venture.”