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Daybook: Showing a New Generation the Benefits of Journaling


Daybook may inspire its users to do what every high school English teacher wishes their students would do: enjoy writing. You might be forgiven for thinking that’s a tall order, but consider this: Daybook has over 1,000,000 journalers and over 30,000 positive reviews rated across platforms, and those numbers are growing. Today’s generation, so used to TV, movies, and computer games, is being clued in to the fun of keeping an online diary, and they are turning to Daybook, a free app found on IOS, Android, Web/desktop, and digital assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby, to safeguard their memories and explore who they are. 

Over time, how Daybook’s customers use the app has evolved. Bino Thomas, one of Daybook’s founders and its CEO, says, “It is so much more than a journal. People are using it to keep track of their budgets, organize homework assignments and projects, or to plan their workdays. People have a lot going on in their lives, so when we looked at where we wanted to take Daybook, we prioritized making it adaptable.”

Additionally, the app’s creators focused on including features that are not found in a traditional diary. “Many people have trouble writing, so our platform enables users to write memoirs, journals, and notes in an organized and natural way. We even included writing prompts to get users started,” Bino explains. The journal comes with a lock and a security code to keep it private, so it will be safe from any nosy siblings. Content and photos are saved to the cloud for free. 

Everyone is different, of course, so Daybook allows users to customize their journals. It supports multiple fonts and themes, including dark mode for night reading. For people who prefer to use digital voice assistants, they can create, read out, and search journal entries through Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby. 

Do all of those options sound overwhelming? “Don’t worry,” Bino says, smiling. “While we’ve done our best to make an online journal for the tech-savvy new generation, Daybook is actually quite easy to use even with all its bells and whistles. At its heart, it’s a simple diary that can be used for multiple purposes every day.”

While much of Daybook is free, the app does offer premium content, including access to custom templates, elegant themes, and all guided journals as well as the ability to upload more photos with higher resolution. 

Daybook’s other co-founders Gitto Niclavose (CTO) and Bitto Niclavose (COO) agree that Daybook is more than a journal app. “We see it as a way to help people who suffer from mental health issues,” Gitto says. “We love to write and were always journaling, which helped us to get our own thoughts and feelings down. Seeing how it helped our own mental health, we created Daybook in part because we wanted to impact people’s well-being.”

Bitto agrees. “Yes, a lot of people are experiencing the benefits of journaling. They are experiencing better memories, and they like being able to reflect on what happens each day. Some are even becoming more successful, which isn’t surprising when you remember that people like John D. Rockefeller, George Patton, and Ronald Reagan all kept journals.”  

Gitto believes that Daybook will only grow. “In the future, we will see that journaling will continue to transition to digital version, not just through mobile or web apps, but through digital assistants like Alexa and Google assistance. Journaling will evolve into a data and analytics tool for personal growth. It can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.”

Bino is happy about the impact Daybook is having for over a million people. “Self-expression is critical,” he says. “The more you can get your thoughts down and release them, the more peace you will have in your life.”